Amazon, Walmart experiment with lockers

Lockers designed to add convenience to online shopping

NEW YORK — Amazon and Walmart's e-commerce division are expanding and starting programs to allow customers to order items online and then pick them up from lockers stationed at brick-and-mortar retailers.

Amazon has been running such a program for a couple of years in a few major cities, including installing the lockers at Rite Aid stores in cities like New York. The lockers allow customers to select a locker location for delivery and then retrieve ordered items automatically using a six-digit code.

According to reports, Amazon has lately expanded its program into other markets, such as northern New Jersey, while Walmart announced last week that it would test a similar system starting this summer at about 12 stores, though the locations of the stores were not disclosed. 

Good idea. It beats waiting

Good idea. It beats waiting in like and trying to find a clerk on duty just to try to get your stuff.

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