Health Alliance launches Rxtra

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URBANA, Ill. Midwestern health insurer Health Alliance is offering a program to help fully insured members with prescription coverage save money, the company said Wednesday.

The program, Rxtra, offers three tiers. Under the “Primary” tier, patients continue to pay for prescriptions based on their current copayment structure at Health Alliance network pharmacies; the “Preferred” tier allows patients to obtain certain commonly used medications for free; while the “Preferred Plus” tier allows patients to obtain those drugs as well as some cholesterol and asthma medications at such participating chain pharmacies as Walmart, Sam’s Club, Kroger, Kmart, Osco and others.

“Cost is one of the biggest reasons people don’t take their medications,” Health Alliance chief medical officer Robert Parker said. “If we can eliminate cost as a barrier, then our members will be healthier, which leads to a cost savings for both them and the health plan.”

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