Raley’s pharmacies offer free cancer screening

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To help raise awareness about colorectal cancer, pharmacies in Raley’s and Bel Air supermarkets are giving away free A Test for Life kits to customers through the month of March.

The kits are simple to use and can give users a good idea within two minutes if they are at risk of developing the disease. Kits come with two pre-packaged tablets that are dropped into a toilet bowl after a bowel movement. If the tablets change color, an appointment for a screening should be made.

“This is the first time we have offered free colorectal screening kits in our Raley’s pharmacies,” said Raley’s communications specialist Amy Johnson. “We are looking forward to a successful campaign and hope this encourages our customers to take the test, as early detection is crucial.” She said colon cancer can be cured 90 percent of the time when detected early.

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