Editor's Opinion by Rob Eder

Rob Eder

Editor in chief, The Drug Store News Group

Rob Eder is the editor in chief of The Drug Store News Group, publishers of Drug Store News, DSN Collaborative Care and Specialty Pharmacy magazines. With 20 years in journalism, Rob has been covering the retail pharmacy industry for Drug Store News for almost 15 years, and has won several awards for his regular column. As Drug Store News Group editor, Rob has played an instrumental role in the creation and development of the group’s newest publications, including Specialty Pharmacy, and has driven the company’s push into digital media. In addition to the print publications in the group, Rob also directs the content for DSN’s three websites and multiple electronic newsletters. With a B.S. in Political Science from Boston University and a M.A. in Journalism from New York University, Rob began his career as a political reporter covering local government and public policy in New York state. You can contact him at reder@lf.com.


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