1health, STChealth intro patient engagement COVID-19 vaccination solution

Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Testing as a service company 1health and STChealth, a leading immunization intelligence network provider, today unveiled a complete COVID-19 vaccination tracking solution.

This open platform will provide pharmacists, physicians and patients across the United States with an easy to navigate tool to capture vaccination results, reported side effects and immunization reminders, the company said.

“With the federal government about to deploy vaccines at the largest scale in history, we are now providing the technology that will help seamlessly manage this process through vaccination, monitoring and antibody testing,” said Mehdi Maghsoodnia, CEO of 1health. “We were able to quickly adapt our existing testing as a service platform to create this new offering for patients and providers who desperately need a single-tracking and reporting system to achieve immunity and end this pandemic.”

Features of the combined STChealth and 1health COVID-19 Vaccination Solution include:

  • Patient reminder and official record;
  • Patient notification and communication, including notifications regarding drug interaction, symptom tracking and immunization;
  • Regulatory reporting to manage regulatory and reporting requirements;
  • FDA-authorized antibody testing to ensure the vaccine was effective. The test can be done at the pharmacy through the same platform or at home if the patient is remote;
  • Research capabilities that allow researchers to engage patients enrolled in a study to better understand the lack of antibody development or investigate any adverse drug reaction;
  • Vaccination certificates for patients to provide to third-party businesses like airlines or workplaces, once patients have received the vaccine;
  • A unified administrative dashboard that shows the status of employees, students or patients across vaccination, antibody testing, antibody levels, COVID testing, and more; and 
  • Integration into pharmacy and healthcare systems through existing STChealth solutions.

“STChealth is honored to be part of the crusade to eradicate COVID-19,” said CEO Mike Popovich. “Working with 1health and utilizing their software innovations will enable our partners to seriously scale vaccination and reach critical mass more quickly. We live in a digital world, and consumers shouldn’t have to manage paper immunization records, and this solution will enable consumers to have ownership of their digital health records.”