Addicted Beauty’s hair oils aim to treat common hair care concerns

Gisselle Gaitan
Online Editor
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When it comes to meeting the various hair care concerns of consumers, Addicted Beauty looks to ease those worries with a wide array of products.

Formulated according to the Ayurvedic principles, the brand’s natural hair oils were created by Rida Khan, who looked back at memories of her grandmother who used to make hair oils in the house by using centuries-old formulas passed down to her, the company said.

“I have been in the media and beauty industry for a long time but wanted to launch something that I believed in very strongly — I have wonderful memories of my grandmother putting 100% Natural oils using the Ayurvedic principles in her recipes in my hair and following it with a nice head massage – it was so therapeutic and also did wonders for my hair and scalp and overall wellness – It’s hard for me to even describe how good it made my hair and scalp feel and also how renewed I felt as a person. You really have to try it to believe it” Khan said.

Products available by the brand include:

  • Fortifying Natural Hair + Scalp Oil, which contains cold-pressed sesame, castor and garlic oil. It looks to promote hair growth, volume and smoothness, while also boosting blood circulation to the scalp and cleansing hair follicles and preventing clogging. Other benefits include aiming to control breakage, smoothing frizzy hair and aiding with dandruff and hair regrowth;
  • Problem-Solving Natural Hair Oil, which has camphor oil, peppermint oil, cold-pressed almond oil, and cold-pressed castor oil. This product aims to treat hair damage from heat, contains anti-inflammatory properties for the scalp, looks to subside itchy and irritated scalps, promote hair follicle regeneration, and promote blood circulation to the scalp;
  • Indian Gooseberry Hair Oil, which contains Indian gooseberry, cold-pressed sesame, sweet almond oil and castor oil. This formula looks to strengthen hair follicles, assist with anti-aging hair properties, reduce grey hair, features antioxidants and is ideal for fine hair;
  • PH Balancing Natural Hair Oil, which features amla oil, henna, castor oil, sesame oil and cold-pressed bitter almond oil. This formula aims to correct pH balance to the scalp, protect against UV rays, reverse the damage of heat, restore chemical balance to the scalp, and is ideal for chemically treated hair;
  • Natural Youth Elixir, which has cold-pressed almond oil, cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil, sesame oil, lettuce oil and olive oil. It looks to prevent pre-mature aging of the hair and scalp, reduce grey hairs, can benefit those with scalp disorders, and also aims to prevent hair loss;
  • Detoxifying Natural Hair Oil, which contains acacia oil, amla oil, cold-pressed sesame and castor oil. This product looks to detox the scalp, removes dead hair cells, assist in getting rid of dandruff and is ideal for overall hair health;
  • The Nourisher-Natural Hair Oil, which has cactus oil, cold-pressed sesame oil and cold-pressed castor oil. Benefits of this product include nourishing dry and damaged hair, as well as treating heat-treated hair, reducing hair loss, restoring shine, repairing split-ends, preventing hair loss due to its fatty acids, and moisture retention vita its high concentration of vitamin B5;
  • The Booster-Natural Hair Oil, which features cold-pressed black seed oil, sesame oil, almond oil and castor oil. It looks to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, help stop hair loss and also contains nigellone and thymoquinone, which are antihistamines;
  • The Luster-Natural Hair Elixir, which has Brahmi boost extract, Phyllanthus Emblica oil, acacia oil, henna oil, jojoba oil, black seed oil, sesame oil, almond oil and castor oil. This oil looks to help with frizzy hair, make hair shiny and silky, as well as manageable, and is ideal for those with dry hair;
  • Jasmine-Natural Hair Oil, which contains jasmine oil, cold-pressed sesame oil, sweet almond oil and castor oil. It looks to provide relief for dry and stressed out hair, is an anti-septic, conditions the scalp and hair and also is soothing; and
  • The Reset-Natural Hair Oil, which has mustard seed oil, Phyllanthus Emblica oil, acacia oil, sesame oil, henna oil, soapnut oil, jojoba oil, cold-pressed black seed oil, castor oil and black castor oil. This product aims to restore scalp health, accelerate hair growth, prevent split-ends, prevent dandruff and provide calming effects to the scalp.

“Each of our hair oil is so natural you can actually drink it! We do not even put in artificial fragrances or anything – everything is natural and grown in my family farms! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did growing up,” Khan said. 

The hair oils, which retail for $8.50 each, can be found at Macy's and on and