Are Suppliers & Retailers Aligned Today?



We’re hosting a webinar dedicated to improving retailer and supplier partnerships in a post-Covid world, presented by Dan Mack, Founder & Managing Director of Mack Elevation.  The webinar will highlight Mack’s most recent supplier & retailer research,  offering a blended perspective on the needs of both parties and alignment gaps that must be addressed in a changing world of partnerships. Other topics we’ll cover:

  • How have supplier’s corporate objectives & performance drivers evolved over the last 18-months and ideas on closing the partnership gap between suppliers & retailers. 
  • How have retailer’s objectives, priorities and drivers evolved over the last 18-months & where are suppliers struggling in the partnership.
  • Strategies and business practices to drive closer retailer & supplier partnerships and thoughts on closing alignment and trust gaps moving into the future.

This presentation will be invaluable for both suppliers and retailers who are looking to create deeper, enduring relationships with their top business partners.


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