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Revlon appoints new global brand ambassador


NEW YORK Revlon has signed actress Jessica Biel to be a new global brand ambassador for Revlon.

Biel joins Revlon’s star-studded lineup of women including Academy Award-winning actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Connelly, actresses Jessica Alba and Beau Garrett, and supermodel and entrepreneur Elle Macpherson.

In addition to being featured in upcoming global advertising campaigns, Biel will be involved with various company-sponsored philanthropic activities and fundraising events for charity. For example, she will be joining Revlon brand ambassadors Connelly and Alba at this year’s EIF Revlon Run Walk in New York on May 2.

Through the EIF Revlon Run Walk and other efforts, Revlon has raised $65 million for research, counseling and outreach programs to support women’s health and participating breast cancer programs.

“Jessica Biel is a beautiful woman and an accomplished actress. Her modern and youthful spirit play to the essence of the Revlon brand. We are very excited to make Jessica part of the Revlon family,” stated Revlon president and CEO Alan Ennis.

“Revlon represents today’s modern woman,” added Biel. “I am honored to be associated with this strong global brand and to be part of a company that has done so much for women around the world.”

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