Unilever's Dove uncovers the truth about body cleansers


ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J. — Dove, a Unilever brand, has launched a multiplatform, social media marketing campaign to reveal the “truth” about the body cleansers consumers purchase. The “Dove Truth Files: Reveal the Truth, Reap the Rewards” campaign asks women to put their detective skills to the test comparing their bar and body wash to Dove brand Body Wash and Beauty Bars to see which provides superior care for their skin for a chance to win more than 20,000 instant prizes.

The marketing campaign’s lead “investigator” is late-night news correspondent Samantha Bee, known for her satirical work on Comedy Central’s "The Daily Show." Bee is partnering with Dove to encourage women to uncover the truth about their cleansers. She will host truth-revealing conversations in comedic videos and on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter pages throughout the campaign on what the company is labeling Truth Tuesdays. The first Truth Tuesday was this week, Feb. 19, and continues through the beginning of April.

The investigation, headquartered at, allows women to interact with four tabs in a virtual case file to help discover the truth:

  • Suspects tab: Women will be shocked to learn that their bar or body wash may be up to no good when they put theirs to the test against Dove through interactive videos;

  • Clues tab: As part of any investigation, women can play games and solve puzzles that reveal that Dove is different;

  • Witnesses tab: Women will discover they are not alone in believing their cleanser cares for their skin when they view videos of eyewitness testimony; and

  • Evidence tab: Women can decode hidden messages to view the proof behind the truth.

Each part of the case file promises new information, a unique experience and the opportunity to win more than 20,000 prizes, including movie tickets, music downloads, custom phone skins, gift cards and a year’s supply of Dove Beauty Bars.

“Many women believe all cleansers are created equal. The Dove Truth Files campaign is helping women uncover the truth that their current bar and body wash may not be caring for their skin the way they should,” said Rob Candelino, VP of Unilever Skincare. “What’s really unique is that we are rewarding everyone who participates in the campaign, providing them the opportunity to win thousands of prizes simply by interacting with our investigative games and allowing them to see the truth for themselves.”

Truth Tuesdays: Conversations with Samantha Bee

Samantha Bee will serve as the Dove Truth Investigator and host Truth Tuesdays every week from Feb. 19 through the beginning of April on and on Twitter using #TruthTuesdays. Beginning on the Feb. 19, women can participate in Truth Tuesdays by engaging in truth-themed conversations with the brand and Samantha Bee around pop culture, family and beauty.

Bee took to the streets of New York asking real women to come clean about what really happens in their shower. Are they multitasking? Having a one-woman dance party? Samantha Bee uncovers it all — IN her shower! Women can see the truths that were revealed when the video debuts Feb. 26 on the Dove Facebook page.

“The best part of my job is getting to the bottom of a story and uncovering the facts,” Samantha Bee said. “I was shocked to learn that some cleansers can be harsh on skin. I’m excited to work with Dove and show women that the truth is good skin care is not in every bar of soap or bottle of body wash and Dove really is different!”

The Truth: Revealed

The Dove Truth Files campaign helps women see the proof that Dove is different. Dove tested itself against other cleansers and the results are in: Dove Body Wash and Beauty Bar provide superior care for skin.

The Dove Beauty Bar does not strip your skin like soap. Since 1957, the Dove Beauty Bar has cleaned skin as well as soap without stripping skin of essential nutrients, the way soap does. Dove replenishes nutrients lost during cleansing and improves the surface texture of skin over time. The bar contains DEFI technology, a unique blend of cleansers and moisturizers that leaves skin soft and smooth and is proven to be more gentle and mild than soap.

Dove Body Wash cares for skin better than other body washes. The improved Dove Body Wash formula features glycinate, an ultra-mild cleanser primarily used in high-end face products, that has enabled the brand to create its mildest cleansing system to date. Only Dove Body Washes combine gentle cleansing with NutriumMoisture technology that takes a dual approach to healthy looking skin by repairing and maintaining its protective layer during cleansing.

Dove used industry-standard test paper that behaves like the surface of skin to demonstrate the difference between other cleansers and Dove. Women can see how their bar or body wash stacks up against Dove by visiting the Suspects tab on