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VO5 challenges consumers to out-flirt the competition


MELROSE PARK, Ill. Extreme Style by VO5 is urging consumers to express their individuality and out-flirt the competition through its new Ultimate Flirting Championship Live Widget.

How to play by visiting

  • To achieve “Victory Hair” participants will be placed in a waiting room until there are three players for the game. Participants are either a flirter or a judge.
  • Judges pick questions to ask the flirters. There are five questions per game. 
  • Flirters have 30 seconds to answer the judge’s question in a fun and sexy way. The goal is to out-flirt the opponent.
  • In the end, the judge selects the best flirt of the pair. The person will win the game and get “Victory Hair” along with the judge. According to VO5, Victory Hair equals “the hair you get after you spend time ‘getting to know’ an attractive hottie.”

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