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The Retail Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Marketplace Evolution

VIEW ON DEMAND IQVIA's Doug Long will examine the continuing impact of COVID-19 and identify other issues impacting retail pharmacy and pharma companies.  

Retail Pharmacy: A Year In Review and Planning for 2021

VIEW ON DEMAND In a year where the term “new normal” has taken on a whole new meaning, we’ve seen many changes occur that impact the pharmacy industry.

VIEW ON DEMAND With U.S health care spending expected to rise above $4.2 trillion at a CAGR of 5 percent in 2019-23, tech giants such as Microsoft, and Best Buy are investing in digital health technology to improve consumer health experiences.

VIEW ON DEMAND The last six months has elevated the stakes and the role of the sales process with all CPG companies.  The depth and quality of your partnerships matter more than ever before.

VIEW ON DEMAND COVID and continued social unrest are causing mental and emotional health needs to become top of mind to shoppers.

VIEW ON DEMAND Suppliers are making more thoughtful choices about which retailers are best positioned to partner with moving into the future.  Retailers must be committed to building deeper and even more trusting relationships than ever before.

VIEW ON DEMAND Consumers around the world are embracing natural ingredients as a proxy for a wellbeing, opening up a new frontier for beauty and wellness products across retail.

VIEW ON DEMAND With so many consumers fearful of the big crowds and unfamiliar personnel at big box retail, many consumers say they want the safety, comfort, ease, confidence and a place-where-everybody-knows-your-name experience that only independent pharmacy can provide.

VIEW ON DEMAND Join IQVIA's Doug Long in an enlightening conversation on the resumption of physician and institutional visits and their impact on Rx and retail pharmacy.

VIEW ON DEMAND Drug Store News and Mack Elevation will be moderating an industry discussion on the importance of creating and protecting inclusive, culturally competent & empathetic organizations.

ON DEMAND This webinar will focus on pharmacy's role in delivering vaccinations and what to expect this fall. The panelists will discuss the technology and resources empowering pharmacists as vaccinators, plus COVID-19 precautionary measures to ensure patients and staff are safe.

VIEW ON DEMAND Join us for a conversation with Bill Shinton, VP Health & Wellness Operations at Kroger on how the Kroger's 360 approach to health has adapted to face today's COVID-19 challenges.  Key Learnings: What hurdles does the retail pharmacy industry face in delivering he

VIEW ON DEMAND In this session, subject matter expert Brian Owens, Retail SVP, will discuss the strategic and tactical elements of growth management during periods of COVID-19 and the retail trade spending implications.

VIEW ON DEMAND Join Doug Long, vice president of industry relations at IQVIA, for a conversation assessing the impact of COVID-19 on supply in the retail pharmacy space.

During this webcast, Bob Darin, Vice President, Enterprise Analytics for CVS Health, demonstrates how CVS Health is using data and analytics to demonstrate how retail health care can drive down overall health care costs; and identify ways to support physicians with clinical patient data to improve

During this webinar, Dr. Patrick Carroll, Medical Director for Walgreens Health Care Clinic explores unique risk assessment programs performed at Walgreens Healthcare Clinics and discusses the challenges in the traditional retail health.

Payers continue to move away from the fee-for-service reimbursement model, towards a new paradigm that rewards value over volume.

Healthcare providers are maximizing their efforts to achieve the triple aim – provide accessible, high-quality and low cost healthcare.