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News and information on consumables and general merchandise products, merchandising and trends in the retail and community pharmacy.

Enlightened makes cheesecakes, dough bites keto-friendly

Enlightened’s keto-friendly cheesecakes and dough bites are each available in five varieties.

Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew reaches new consumers

Cafe Agave Spiked Cold Brew beverages in espresso shot, caffe mocha, salted caramel and vanilla cinnamon flavors now are available at more than 1,500 Walmart locations across the nation.

Bounce Pet Hair and Lint Guard dryer sheets have been designed to repel pet hair from clothes, the company said.

Yuengling Hershey’s Chocolate Porter combines a Dark Brewed Porter recipe with the taste of Hershey’s chocolate, caramel and dark roasted malts.

The Body Select program offers a five-day kit that includes five breakfasts, lunches and dinners with macronutrients meant to work with distinct body types to approach weight loss.

Bacardi Spiced features the essence of bourbon paired with notes of vanilla, almond and fruitiness, the company said.

Plant-Based ParmCrisps, hitting Whole Foods Market shelves in October, are available in sea salt and cracked black pepper varieties.

Pet’s Favorite odor-eliminating candles now available at 3,000 Walmart locations in clean laundry and lemon zest scents.

Elmhurst 1925 has added three seasonal flavors to its roster of plant-based creamers — apple spice, pumpkin spice and gingerbread.

Gardein’s plant-based soups are available in five varieties — chick’n noodl’, be’f and vegetable, saus’ge gumbo, chick’n and rice, and minestrone and saus’ge.

Hormel’s Black Label roster is welcoming two new breakfast lines — oven-baked egg bites and breakfast combos.

Pillsbury Baking is putting a spooky twist on its Funfetti line with three seasonal launches — Funfetti Slime Frosting, Funfetti Slime Cake Mix and Funfetti Slime Brownie Mix.

Mars is dropping the Uncle Ben’s name and logo, rebranding as Ben’s Original, and focusing on creating a more inclusive future, the company said.

Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels, hitting shelves in November, is a new take on the classic cup containing salty pretzels, the company said.

Progresso Toppers are available in five varieties — chicken noodle with oyster crackers, tomato basil with cheddar crackers, broccoli cheese with oyster crackers, loaded potato with fried onion strings, and chicken tortilla with tortilla strips.

General Mills is bringing back the ’80s taste and shapes of its Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Cookie Crisp and Trix cereals.

Totally Awesome Dragons and Unicorns Gummies are available in strawberry, grape, watermelon and blue raspberry flavors.

Pipcorn’s Heirloom Crunchies are available in cheddar, cheddar jalapeno and parmesan truffle flavors.

The Ortega cauliflower and corn taco shells, as well as the cauliflower and flour tortillas, are now available for purchase at grocery stores nationwide

Core Power’s new strawberry flavor is free of lactose and gluten and made without the use of artificial growth hormones, the company said.

Undercover Snacks’ dark chocolate + pumpkin spice features a mix of dark chocolate, organic quinoa, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger.

Del Monte Foods’ Oats To Go are available in maple brown sugar crunch, banana nut, triple berry almond and apple cinnamon crunch flavors.

Herdez’s traditional guacamole, available in mild and spicy, contains Hass avocados, tomato, onion, cilantro and green peppers.

Voss Water and Dwayne Johnson have partnered up on the #LikeAVoss campaign, which encourages and rewards random acts of kindness.

To help capture the vibe of the season, the company is unveiling new treats from its Hershey’s, Reese’s, Kit Kat and Ice Breakers brands, and giving some classic sweets a festive makeover.

Farm Rich added breaded cauliflower bites and breaded zucchini sticks to its Garden Inspirations line.

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