Dr. Reddy's intros generic Kuvan

Dr. Reddy's generic Kuvan offers a treatment for a rare disease.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Dr. Reddy’s is unveiling sapropterin dihydrochloride powder for oral solution.

The medication is the generic of Biomarin’s Kuvan. It is used to lower blood Phe levels in adults and children over one month of age with a certain type of Phenylketonuria.

“We are pleased to launch this generic version of sapropterin dihydrochloride powder for oral solution, illustrating our continued commitment to bring affordable generic medicines to market for patients,” said Marc Kikuchi, CEO, North America Generics, Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. “At the same time, this product demonstrates that we are actively expanding the breadth of our portfolio with a treatment for a rare disease.”

Dr. Reddy’s generic Kuvan is available in 100 mg unit-dose packets in a 30-count carton.