Hint Water dives into personal care with deodorant

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Hint Water dives into personal care with deodorant

By Gisselle Gaitan - 01/23/2020

Hint Water is taking a step away from beverages and diving into the personal care realm.

The San Francisco-based company is furthering its offerings of healthy products by unveiling the eucalyptus + lemon Hint Deodorant.

Made with plant-derived ingredients, the deodorant is also free of parabens, baking soda, coconut oil and preservatives, the company said.

“When it comes to introducing a new product, it’s always a result of a personal problem I want to solve. Once I see the benefit for me and everyone I care about, then I extrapolate that community to consumers all over,” Kara Goldin, founder and CEO of Hint, said. “I learned about aluminum and all its potential risks and decided I no longer wanted to clog my sweat ducts with this toxic ingredient. After trying many things on the market, I still was unsatisfied, some had irritating ingredients like baking soda, others just didn’t feel good or smell good. So, I decided to develop my own — a super-effective deodorant that was free of harmful chemicals and enjoyable at the same time. Our deodorant truly smells amazing and I love the glide. The idea was to offer an innovative, healthy alternative that was an easy transition for everyone in the family.”

Featuring a translucent, non-staining and non-sticky formula, the deodorant aims to eliminate odors, offer all-day protection, and is ideal for all genders, the company said.

A 2.5-oz. size of Hint Deodorant is available at drinkhit.com/deodorant for the suggested retail price of $10.99, and a 1-oz. size for $5.99.