How diversity and inclusion build high-performing organizations

Successful organizations have known for a while now that a diverse team can fuel a company’s achievements. With the ongoing national conversation, the importance of diversity and inclusion once again is front-of-mind for business leaders. 

On June 29, Drug Store News and Mack Elevation will be hosting a virtual discussion to help leaders understand what recent cultural events mean for their businesses and teammates, as well as to share best practices from leading companies. The panel discussion will focus on how to create a diverse, courageous and inclusive organization. Participants will discuss the leadership philosophies, business practices and team dynamics that can drive loyalty, growth and deeper team experiences. 

Moderated by Dan Mack, managing director of Mack Elevation, and John Kenlon, EnsembleIQ senior vice president and Drug Store News publisher, the discussion will feature the following participants:

  • Lisa Roth, vice president of Essentials at Target;
  • Chris Skyers, vice president of own brands at Wakefern Food;
  • Carlos Cubia, global head of diversity at Walgreens Boots Alliance;
  • Bob Ford, director of sales at Olly; and 
  • Brian Owens, senior vice president of retail at Kantar. 

The discussion will take place live at 1 p.m. EDT on Monday, June 29. To register for the event, please click here