MyKirei by Kao enters the personal care category

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MyKirei by Kao enters the personal care category

By Gisselle Gaitan - 04/06/2020

Kao USA is bringing a new personal care line to shoppers’ radars.

The Cincinnati-based company is launching MyKirei — a personal care line founded on the credence that caring for oneself, society and the world makes life more beautiful.

“In Japan, Kirei has many meanings. It can describe beauty and cleanliness, as well as simplicity, balance and sustainability,” Karen Frank, president of Kao USA said. “The Kirei sensibility has always been unique to and treasured by the Japanese people. With MyKirei, we are bringing this wisdom to the Western consumer with innovation for a gentler, more sustainable way of living.”

Products that make up the brand’s portfolio include a nourishing shampoo, conditioner and hand wash, with formulas that deliver benefits to all hair and skin types, and also contain a blend of such ingredients as yuzu fruit, rice water and Japanese Tsubaki flower.

“Japan is recognized and respected for resourcefulness, minimalism, reverence and harmony with nature. MyKirei represents all of these qualities, meeting that desire for simplicity, without sacrificing care for the future of your family or the planet,” Frank said. 

In addition, MyKirei’s formulas are vegan and plant-based, and its products are packaged in eco-friendly delivery systems that use up to 50% less plastic, the company said.

Each of the brand’s products retails for $18, and they are available exclusively at starting April 22.