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Honey Bunches of Oats launches Granola Chips

honey bunches of oats granola chips

Honey Bunches of Oats is catering to consumers who are constantly on the go with its new Granola Chips.

Designed to deliver sweetness and texture with each bite, the snacks can be dipped in nut butter, topped with fruit or crumbled into yogurt, the company said.

Available in two varieties — honey roasted and blueberry — Honey Bunches of Oats Granola Chips comes in a resealable bag that can be found at major mass grocery retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.48.


AAM’s Biosimilars Council responds to adalimumab biosimilars report

medication money teaser

In response to a Matrix Global Advisors report, titled, "Near-Term Expectations for Adalimumab biosimilars in the United States," authored by Alex Brill and Christy Robinson, the Association for Accessible Medicines' Biosimilars Council division has issued the following statement from its executive director, Craig Burton: 

“This new report from Matrix Global Advisors illustrates the complexities of the burgeoning adalimumab biosimilar market. While biosimilars bring much needed competition and reduce overall costs, perverse rebate practices and other market factors will unnecessarily slow patient access and savings from FDA-approved biosimilars. Policymakers should ensure that patients have access to and benefit from lower-priced biosimilars.”

Read the full report here.


Hostess’ Kazbars combine snack cakes, candy bars

hostess kazbars

Hostess Brands has launched a new snack cake meets candy bar treat.

Kazbars features a soft layer of chocolate cake, crème, candy crunch, caramel or smooth chocolate fudge. Each bar is covered in a rich chocolate-flavored coating and topped with a drizzle.

Available in chocolate caramel and triple chocolate flavors, Kazbars come in two sizes.

“We know that consumers are craving multitextured snacks – and the variety of creamy, crunchy and rich layers in our new Kazbars will make every snacking experience a more joy-filled one,” says Christopher Balach, general manager of Hostess Brands. “This new kind of snack delivers the familiar, moist Hostess cake consumers know and love with a new, delicious fusion of layers and textures. The snack has performed strongly with consumers throughout product-testing and we're excited to see that translate in the marketplace.”

Consumers can find Hostess’ new Kazbars in 10-oz. boxes that contain 8 individually wrapped mini bars and a 2.75-oz. size at grocery, mass retailers and convenience stores.


Nexxus’ Unbreakable Care shines a light on hair breakage

Nexxus Unbreakable Care line

There’s a new product collection from Nexxus that is spotlighting hair breakage by providing an elevated solution.

The Unbreakable Care line, which is free of sulfates and suitable for all textures and chemically treated hair, looks to address the underlying causes of hair loss due to breakage, the company said.

Made with a Proteinfusion blend that contains advanced regenerative keratin protein, the product range consists of three products — Anti-Break Shampoo, Thickening Conditioner and Root Lifting Thickening Spray.

Products part of Nexxus’ Unbreakable Care line retail for $15.99 each and can be found at


Joah Beauty refreshes Crystal Grow collection

joah beauty crystal glow collection

Joah Beauty is relaunching its Crystal Glow collection with a new look that includes updated and elevated packaging.

Composed of the Peptide Infused Foundation, Refreshing Luminizer Mist and Tinted Luminizer Stick, the products contain an efficacious level of 3% luminizing peptides each to help users achieve smoother and clearer skin, the company said.

“Anyone looking for a luminous look to highlight healthy skin can experience the benefits of real Korean Beauty with Joah Beauty’s Crystal Glow Collection,” says Joah Beauty’s brand director, Hae Jin Chang. “It’s important for us to have the most effective skincare ingredients in all of our products, so we work with the best labs in Seoul to offer innovative and affordable beauty products without sacrificing on quality. Achieving K-Beauty’s coveted glass skin look doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.”

Joah Beauty’s Crystal Glow collection is available for purchase online at joahbeauty.comAmazon and CVS, as well as in select CVS Pharmacy locations.


Ben & Jerry’s packs cinnamon, sugar in Churray for Churros!

Ben & Jerry's Churray for Churros!

There’s new ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s hitting shelves.

Packed with cinnamon and sugar flavors, the brand’s new Churray for Churros! flavor looks to deliver all the best components of a churro.

“It was years in the making and we’re excited to finally have churro in the lineup. Those flavors resonate with a lot of people and bring back so many memories, especially for us at Ben & Jerry’s,” said flavor guru Natalia Butler.  

Designed to be the purest form of the popular dessert, Churray for Churros! was made to be customized to each individual’s experience with indulegent toppings, the company said.

“We interpreted the crunchy, sugary exterior of the churro into a swirl and buttery cinnamon ice cream for this flavor, while the cake-like interior texture of a churro is incorporated as soft, indulgent pieces throughout,” said Butler. “We gave fans the base, but if you want to amp it up, you can have it your way with some chocolate or caramel drizzle.”

Consumers can find Churray for Churros! pints for a suggested retail price of $5.99 to $6.49.