News Briefs


Red Bull rolls out Summer Edition Juneberry beverage

red bull juneberry

Red Bull is gearing up for warmer temperatures with its latest Edition series flavor.

Summer Edition Juneberry is a limited-time offering that contains notes of juneberry, red grape, cherry and red berries with a slightly floral finish.

“Reaching new heights represents going for new things and not holding yourself back. You never know until you try,” said Red Bull athlete and professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian. “Summer is a great time to get out and push yourself a bit. Take a new adventure, start down the path of something you’ve always wanted to do. Even if you fail or it doesn’t work out – which for sure happens to me — you learn from it and grow.”

Available in a sky-blue-colored matte can, Red Bull Summer Edition Juneberry will be available as an 8.4-fl-oz. and 12-fl-oz. can, as well as in a four-pack beginning April 3 at Walmart and nationwide on May 1.


Vera Wang House debuts Rock Princess fragrance

vera wang rock princess teaser

Vera Wang House is bringing an elegant yet edgy fragrance to shelves.

The Vera Wang Rock Princess scent is a dark, fruity and floral eau de toilette containing notes of juicy peach layered with hints of jasmine, rose and a warm vanilla and amber background. 

Resonating with Vera Wang’s signature layering, intricate draping and attention to detail that pays homage to her fashion designs, the new fragrance also comes in a bottle that channels all the aesthetics of the early 2000s beauty era, the company said.

Retailing for $60, Vera Wang Rock Princess will be available at Walgreens, JC Penney and other national mass retailers.


Kristin Ess hits Walmart shelves

kristin ess teaser

Maesa’s Kristin Ess brand has expanded its retail distribution.

The luxury hair care and styling products are now available at Walmart stores, which support the brand’s mission to offer salon quality products at an affordable price, the company said.

More than 2,000 Walmart stores and will carry the Signature Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner and Style Reviving Dry Shampoo.

“We are very excited to introduce the Kristin Ess brand to the Walmart consumer.  The brand is poised for success with this expanded distribution offering the consumer what they are looking for – performance driven haircare at an affordable and accessible price point,”  said Hazel Nussbaum, general manager for Kristin Ess. 

Kristin Ess products are vegan and cruelty-free, made for all hair types and textures, and salon tested.


Giant invites customers to support West Reading community

giant exterior teaser

Following the tragic explosion at the R.M. Palmer food processing facility, Giant is inviting customers to join in its efforts to support the West Reading community. Now through April 9, Giant will donate 50 cents for every Palmer Easter candy and chocolate purchased, up to $25,000, to support the West Reading Disaster Recovery Fund.

“The Giant Company is deeply saddened by the tragic events impacting the West Reading community and R.M. Palmer team,” said John Ruane, interim president at Giant. “While nothing will make up for the loss experienced, we hope to grow community resources and support in partnership with those we serve. Together, we can help uplift a neighborhood in need one purposeful act at a time.”


HRG presents Smart! Talk at Shop! MarketPlace

conference with attendees

Angela Pinkstaff, director of business development at HRG, will lead a Smart! Talk presentation, “Improve Your Environmental Impact with Sustainable Fixture Practices,” on the show floor at Shop! MarketPlace, Wednesday, April 26, at 10 a.m. The session will focus on streamlining the fixture reset process by employing processes to facilitate the reuse of componentry to decrease waste, reduce labor hours and increase profitability. Shop! MarketPlace is at the Palmer Events Center on April 25-27 in Austin, Texas.

The interactive presentation will show how technology can help attendees overcome any internal resistance to change and illuminate where improvements can be made, reimagining more cost-effective and socially responsible resets. In addition, attendees will learn how to assess current reset processes and identify improvement areas, estimate savings in time, labor and materials and the significance of the potential improved environmental impact.

Pinkstaff stated, “Social responsibility is not a fad. Brands, retailers, and suppliers alike are looking for ways to implement processes and procedures that have positive, measurable impacts. Improvements in sustainability related to fixture processes can offer constructive environmental impacts, as well as save time, labor and material costs.”


Premier Nutrition, De Wafelbakkers pack protein into frozen pancakes

Premier Protein Frozen Pancakes

Premier Nutrition is adding protein to the frozen breakfast aisle with a new partnership.

The brand is joining forces with De Wafelbakkers to launch Premier Protein Frozen Pancakes, which contain 15 g of protein per serving and can be heated up in 60 seconds in a microwave.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Premier Nutrition to launch Premier Protein Frozen Pancakes,” said Tom Polke, CEO of De Wafelbakkers. “Breakfast consumption at home is on the rise and as people look to add more protein to their diet, we have developed great tasting pancakes that are quick and easy to prepare for those busy mornings.”

Available in packs of 12 and 24, Premier Protein Frozen Pancakes are now available for purchase at retailers nationwide.

“Premier Protein is known for bringing delicious, protein-packed shakes and powders to millions of Americans, and we’re excited to expand into a new category with De Wafelbakkers,” said Nick Stiritz, U.S. Vice President of Premier Nutrition. “With the launch of these protein pancakes, we’re bringing Premier fans even more ways to bring great tasting nutrition to their health journey!”