News Briefs


Mielle adds Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil to Sea Moss line

Mielle Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil

Mielle’s Sea Moss collection of hair care products is expanding with a new addition—Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil.

Designed to offer users a new proactive option to help maximize hair retention and nourish the scalp, the lightweight oil features fast-absorbing nutrients and is meant to be used daily before styling.

The oil aids in reducing excessive shedding due to breakage, the company said. Furthermore, the oil aims to improve the scalp's condition by imparting nutrient-dense moisture for healthier-looking hair.
Infused with sea moss, which is known to contain 92 of the 102 essential elements that the body needs to thrive, it also has saw palmetto to support a balanced scalp and promote healthier-looking hair.

Currently, Mielle’s Anti-Shedding Scalp & Hair Oil is available for purchase online.


Smartfood, Doritos collaborate on Cool Ranch snack

Smartfood Doritos Cool Ranch

Smartfood continues its partnership with Doritos by rolling out its latest flavor innovation—Cool Ranch.

The limited-time offering, which packs a punch of tanginess from onion, garlic, tomato and spice flavors, comes in Smartfood’s air-popped, ready-to-eat popcorn format.

Available in select stores, the snack will debut on shelves nationwide in June.

Currently, consumers can shop Smartfood Doritos Cool Ranch in a 6.25-oz. size that retails for $5.19 and a 2-oz. size that retails for $2.49 through September.


Topo Chico enters flavored sparkling water category

topo chico sabores

Topo Chico is debuting a brand-new line—Topo Chico Sabores.

The new line features flavored sparkling waters in unique flavor profiles and contains filtered sparkling water, crisp bubbles and a blend of minerals for added taste, the company said.

Available flavors include blueberry with a hint of hibiscus extract, tangerine with a hint of ginger extract and lime with a hint of mint extract.

Each product features real fruit juice and a hint of herbal extracts. The new beverage line contains 0 g of added sugars, the company added.

Topo Chico Sabores will be available beginning April 24 in select markets, including New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and New York.


Kellogg’s adds pop of color to breakfast via Rainbow Krispies cereal

Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies

Kellogg’s is looking to add a little more color and flavor to breakfast with the launch of its latest cereal—Rainbow Krispies.

The company said the colorful new take on the classic Rice Krispies cereal features a fresh and fruity flavor and vitamin D in every serving.

“At Kellogg, we love providing breakfast options that set families up for a great day. When we discovered six in 10 Americans want to add more Vitamin D to their diets, we knew infusing this key nutrient into a fun, delicious breakfast option would be a great way to solve this need for many of our fans,” said Laura Newman, senior director of brand marketing at Kellogg Company. “Whether you're looking to increase your daily Vitamin D intake or hungry for a tasty bowl of colorful goodness, Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies are here to add a boost to even the most mundane mornings!”

Made with 8 g of whole grains and nine vitamins and minerals per serving, Kellogg’s Rainbow Krispies come in an 11.1-oz. box that retails for $4.99 and a 17.8-oz. box for $5.99 at retailers nationwide.


International Delight releases cinnamon churro creamer

international delight cinnamon churro creamer

International Delight is taking inspiration from emerging food and dessert-inspired products by launching its latest creamer variety—cinnamon churro.

“The team at International Delight is deeply connected to food and beverage trends, in search of what international inspired flavor our core consumer will be most excited to try next,’” said Kallie Goodwin, vice president of marketing for International Delight. “From Churrerias popping up across the U.S., to recipes trending on TikTok, it was clear Churro is a trending flavor and we are proud to be the first creamer brand to bring it to life, adding more joy to coffee cups across the country!”

Consumers can find International Delight’s cinnamon churro creamer available at major retailers for a limited time.


Red Bull rolls out Summer Edition Juneberry beverage

red bull juneberry

Red Bull is gearing up for warmer temperatures with its latest Edition series flavor.

Summer Edition Juneberry is a limited-time offering that contains notes of juneberry, red grape, cherry and red berries with a slightly floral finish.

“Reaching new heights represents going for new things and not holding yourself back. You never know until you try,” said Red Bull athlete and professional rock climber Sasha DiGiulian. “Summer is a great time to get out and push yourself a bit. Take a new adventure, start down the path of something you’ve always wanted to do. Even if you fail or it doesn’t work out – which for sure happens to me — you learn from it and grow.”

Available in a sky-blue-colored matte can, Red Bull Summer Edition Juneberry will be available as an 8.4-fl-oz. and 12-fl-oz. can, as well as in a four-pack beginning April 3 at Walmart and nationwide on May 1.