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Natco, Arrow International debut generic Revlimid

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Natco Pharma, along with its marketing partner Arrow International, which is an affiliate of Teva, recently launched the first generic of Revlimid (lenalidomide capsules) in dosage strengths of 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg and 25 mg.

The medication is used in adults for the treatment of multiple myeloma in combination with the medicine dexamethasone; certain myelodysplastic syndromes; and mantle cell lymphoma following specific prior treatment.

Natco and Teva noted that they are launching these strengths of lenalidomide pursuant to a license of patents owned by Celgene, which is now part of Bristol-Myers Squibb.


Sandoz acquires Coalesce

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Sandoz, a Novartis division, has acquired a U.K.-based medical and drug delivery device development company, Coalesce Product Development.

Through the acquisition Sandoz will obtain significant capabilities and assets of Coalesce, which will help it build on its existing portfolio of respiratory medicines and further improve patient access to these high-quality, complex therapies, the company said.

“Respiratory and complex generics are areas of relatively high unmet medical need, due largely to their comparatively high technical complexity,” Richard Saynor, CEO of Sandoz, said. “At Sandoz, we have the experience and expertise to succeed in these fields and this acquisition offers us a significant new growth platform, particularly in the U.S. and Europe, reinforcing our commitment to pioneer access for patients.”

Sandoz noted that with an existing portfolio of six in market-products and nearly twice as many more in the pipeline, it sees respiratory as a key pillar of its ambitious long-term growth strategy and intends to actively explore further opportunities both in-house and externally.

“More generally, Sandoz is determined to grow its portfolio in the complex generics space, including complex injectables,” the company said.


Alembic debuts generic Vimpat

alembic lacosamide

Alembic is introducing lacosamide tablets in dosage strengths of 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg and 200mg. 

The medication is the generic of UCB's Vimpat tablets.

It is indicated for the treatment of partial-onset seizures in patients aged one month old and older. 

Alembic's lacosamide tablets are available in 60-count bottles.


Lightlife debuts Tempeh Cubes

lightlife tempeh cubes

Lightlife is continuing to expand its plant-based offerings with a brand-new launch.

The latest from the Chicago-based company are the Tempeh Cubes.

Featuring the protein-packed, plant-based power of tempeh, the new product is made with three simple ingredients — fermented soybeans, brown rice and water.

Containing protein, fiber and nine essential amino acids, the Tempeh Cubes are available in three marinated varieties — teriyaki, southwest and tikka masala, the company said.

“Tempeh is a nutrient dense, versatile food, continuing to gain popularity,” Jitendra Sagili, chief R&D and food technology officer of Greenleaf Foods, SPC said. “The launch of Lightlife Tempeh Cubes simplifies meal preparation with a bite-sized, flavor forward and ready-to-heat product design, offering a convenient meal solution that the whole family can enjoy. These new products further expand our marinated tempeh line which currently includes smoky and buffalo tempeh strips, providing consumers with recognizable flavors and a convenient format to easily incorporate into a wide variety of meal options.”

Each pre-cut and pre-seasoned offering contains 13 g of protein per serving, the company said.

Currently, Lightlife’s Tempeh Cubes are available online at, Sprouts, New Seasons and Albertsons retail locations in Southern California. Additional availability regionally includes Giant and Whole Foods Market locations nationwide in April.


Perrigo’s Nasonex 24HR Allergy receives OTC approval from FDA

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One of Perrigo’s products is making the switch from Rx to OTC.

The company recently shared that its Nasonex 24HR Allergy product has received final approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration for over-the-counter use.

This approval marks the first branded Rx-to-OTC switch for the company and paves the way for Nasonex to enter the OTC marketplace, the company said.

“This first Rx-to-OTC switch for Nasonex represents our continued focus on providing quality, affordable self-care products that consumers know and trust. It also epitomizes the strength of our internal innovation, R&D and regulatory capabilities,” Perrigo executive vice president and president, consumer self-care Americas, Jim Dillard said. “Successfully bringing Rx-to-OTC switches to market expands offerings available to consumers, enhances offerings for our retail partners and continues to differentiate Perrigo in the marketplace.”

Perrigo is expecting to begin offering Nasonex 24HR Allergy later in 2022, the company said.


Ben & Jerry’s brings Dublin Mudslide back from its Flavor Graveyard

Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide

Ben & Jerry’s announced that it is bringing back a pint from its Flavor Graveyard.

The Burlington, Vt.-based company announced that Dublin Mudslide is returning from the beyond with a new spirit.

Featuring Irish ice cream, Dublin Mudslide contains white chocolate chip cookies and coffee fudge swirls, as well as a new spirit made from whey, a nutrient-rich liquid left from making cheese, the company said.

Wheyward Spirit, which has been described as a mesh between sake and vodka, is a company that also emphasizes sustainability and local dairy farms, which made it a natural whey sourcing partner for Ben & Jerry’s.

“Aside from being uniquely delicious, using excess whey as the base for our spirit helps us prevent food waste and creates a more sustainable model of spirit production,” Emily Darchuk, founder and CEO of Wheyward Spirit said. “I am thrilled to partner with Ben & Jerry’s to bring back a fan favorite with the same taste and less waste, using our signature spirit.”

Currently, Dublin Mudslide retails from $5.19 to $5.99 and can be found in supermarket freezers across the country.