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GMDC facilitates virtual conference meetings at trade show event


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — GMDC will feature its connectivity tool, GMDC*Connect Powered by Telepresence, to help facilitate more top-to-top meetings with on-site attendees and executives with tight travel schedules at its 2012 HBW Conference, which kicks off Sept. 21 in San Antonio, Texas.

GMDC will be piloting these virtual appointments, which first were introduced earlier this summer at the 2012 General Merchandise Conference.

"By broadening the scope of the meetings ability to include more executives for face-time with our customers, … [t]his technology will extend our reach to incorporate virtual connections to company headquarters or even more remote locations, so that our brand and product story can be communicated directly by our team to our customers," Shurtech Brands sales director Peter Fahrenkopf said after his meeting with H-E-B. 

"We anticipate HBW12 to be the best yet. For a second conference in a row, our members this year at Health Beauty Wellness Conference will experience all the success and enhancements that were offered at GM12," GMDC president and CEO Dave McConnell said. "GMDC has also implemented improvements to our Telepresence capabilities through the positive feedback of our members to continue to increase our levels of engagement, bring a 'feel real' through the best quality of equipment, and deliver new levels of participation with executives across the country. This is simply a conference where the right buyers are connecting at the right time, in the right environment."

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