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Safeway rolls out online coupon program in all of its stores


PLEASANTON, Calif. Safeway last month announced that its couponLink program, which allows customers to load online coupons directly to their Safeway Club Card, is now available in all of the company’s U.S. markets.

The couponLink program, first launched online in May for customers of the company’s Tom Thumb and Randalls stores in Texas, is a partnership between Safeway and three providers of online and mobile coupons —, CellFire and P&G eSaver.

To find money-saving deals, customers log on to and click the “Coupons” Quick Link, which leads to the couponLink page. Customers then browse coupons on, P&G eSaver or CellFire. Coupons can be organized by category or product name, downloaded to the Safeway Club Card and are automatically redeemed at checkout. CellFire and have the added capability of allowing shoppers to browse and download via mobile phone or smart phone, even while the customer is in the store.

“This takes the hassle out of shopping with coupons,” stated Mike Minasi, Safeway president of marketing. “There is no paging through newspapers and no clipping and carrying coupons. Customers don’t even have to remember to bring coupons with them to the store.”

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