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Ad Age: Kimberly Clark is bringing sex appeal to incontinence





NEW YORK — The adult incontinence giant Kimberly Clark is shaking up what it means to have bladder leakage with its latest extension of its "Underwearness" campaign that focuses specifically on younger women, according to a report published Wednesday by Ad Age


Kimberly-Clark's marketing support fot its Depend products has been skewing younger for some time. Last year, Kimberly Clark launched its "Underwearness" campaign to raise awareness around bladder leakage, suffered by more than 65 million Americans, half of whom are under the age of 50.


"It's a recognition that many women with bladder leakage worry that people can tell," Liz Metz, brand director of Depend, told Ad Age. The ads, Metz said, are "recognition that one in three women deal with this issue, and they come in all shapes and sizes."


The report noted that the re-entry of Procter & Gamble into the adult incontinence space last year may be upping the ante for consumer attention. 


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