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DRS Health introduces line of doctor-recommended supplements


ATLANTA — DRS Health presented attendees of last week's ECRM Vitamin, Diet & Sports Nutrition EPPS conference with a line of supplements that's not only doctor-recommended but also doctor-developed. All of the product facings feature a picture of the doctor who helped develop the particular formula.

The lineup includes six products addressing bone/joint health, healthy weight loss, prostate health, prenatal nutrition and a heart health formula. Also part of that lineup, the Benson, N.C.-based company featured H3 Rapid Recovery, a powdered beverage mix formulated to help the body rebuild and maintain healthy muscles, cartilage and connective tissues, skin and soft tissues after surgery, injury or trauma. The vitamin and mineral drink mix contains manganese, chromium, arginine and bromelain, along with other ingredients.

DRS Health is represented by the Emerson Group and has contracted a public relations firm to help manage a comprehensive media spend that includes 30-second spots on network television.


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