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Kaz ad campaign taps into Google Flu Trends to help drive purchase intent


NORTHBROOK, Ill. — Kaz recently commissioned Blue Chip Marketing Worldwide for a new mobile campaign using location-based targeting that helps drive sales to retailers by name.

The campaign features Kaz's Vicks Behind Ear thermometer. Ads are placed within popular mobile apps that only pop up during, in this case, a high incidence of flu through utilization of Google Flu Trends. In other words, the ad targets users who arguably have a higher need for the product — a factor that would presumably increase the purchase intent with that branded call to action.

Consumers who tap the ad are directed to a unique landing page that includes brand messaging, an instructional video, links to the mobile website and a list of nearby stores selling the thermometer, Blue Chip noted. With another tap, consumers are supplied driving directions to the nearest retailers, including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Babies "R" Us.

The New York Times last month featured the campaign in an article available here

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