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Max-Wellness launches healthcare kiosks, revamps website offering


CLEVELAND — Max-Wellness is preparing to introduce its “Wellness-in-a-Box” concept — an automated dispensing device located in a variety of unique venues featuring health-and-wellness products that customers can purchase at any time using a debit or credit card. The concept is slated to make its debut in March, the company stated.

Wellness-in-a-Box is slated to be positioned in airports, urgent care centers, senior living facilities, hotels, casinos and fitness centers. The freestanding, self-service wellness centers will provide a relevant offering of products for head-to-toe care tailored to meet the needs of customers in the venue where it is located.

Max-Wellness also recently launched an expanded e-commerce website at The e-commerce site offers an assortment of vitamins and supplements and healthcare solutions, an offering that will grow through 2012 with the addition of approximately 1,000 new items each week, the company stated. Max-Wellness expects to field almost 20,000 products by the end of the year.

The company's Max-Answers knowledge base, available in its stores in the form of a computer tablet or iPad, has been incorporated into the site as well. Visitors to the site can utilize this feature to search the database for self-care information, including health conditions, vitamins and supplements, and drug-nutrient interactions.

Additionally, Max-Answers contains an A-Z index for vitamins, supplements, health conditions, drugs and food; health-related articles and news; food and recipe information; and Vitamin Advisor, a questionnaire that users can fill out to help them determine the best vitamins and supplements for their needs.

"By offering effective answers and accessible solutions to living a healthier, more active lifestyle, this new and improved e-commerce initiative furthers the Max-Wellness customer promise and its mission to provide products and answers for healthy living," stated Michael Feuer, Max-Wellness CEO.

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