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Panasonic Group launches hearing aid line featuring wireless connectivity, longer battery life


SECAUCUS, N.J. — Panasonic Healthcare Group on Tuesday announced the introduction of the R1-W digital hearing instrument, a line of hearing products that appeals to a broader user base of people with mild to severe hearing loss.

One of the features includes a battery that can last up to 300 hours with an easy-care battery tool that helps protect battery drainage while the unit is in a hearing aid dehumidifier. And an accessory available with the R1-W line of hearing aids called the Hearing Hub allows users to wirelessly connect the hearing instrument to Bluetooth-compatible mobile phones. The Hearing Hub also enables a voice memo recording option with Bluetooth Interface and microphone input that patients can use to record reminders, such as doctor's appointments.

Other R1-W Series accessories include an audio transmitter, which plugs directly into a television's audio-output port to transmit sound wirelessly into the R1-W Series through the Hearing Hub.

"As a new player in the U.S. hearing market, and with our brand strength, we are finding that professionals are embracing our vision to deliver meaningful solutions to a broad segment of people who want to hear better," stated Delain Wright, director of sales, Panasonic Healthcare Group. "The R1-W series will propel us into the next phase of Panasonic's plan for the hearing care business and allow us to better promote our products and Panasonic brand, which have been well received by people seeking hearing help."


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