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Pharmaca launches weight management challenge


BOULDER, Colo. — As part of the company's "Renew You" events this year, Pharmaca Integrative Pharmacy on Wednesday launched its first annual 30-day weight management challenge. The challenge features 10 participants, who will receive private consultations with Pharmaca practitioners around nutrition and exercise advice, and a one-month supply of one-of-three healthy weight management supplements — Natural Factors’ PGX, Genuine Health’s Lean+ Extra Strength or Natural Factors’ conjugated linoleic acid.

“These are some of my favorite weight-management supplements, products that our customers and practitioners have seen measurable results with,” stated Don Summerfield, Pharmaca VP integrative medicine. “By providing different supplements to our participants, we’re hoping to show which supplements work best for different body types and lifestyles.”

Participants already have met with their consulting practitioners for an initial weigh-in and consultation, Summerfield reported. These consultations will take place on a weekly basis, and participants will update followers on their progress at

Learn more about the practitioners, the supplements and the challengers’ progress at

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