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Quigley moves Elizabethtown, Pa. operations to Lebanon, Pa.


DOYLESTOWN, Pa. The Quigley Corporation on Tuesday announced plans to consolidate its Pennsylvania-based manufacturing operations by closing its manufacturing facility in Elizabethtown, Pa. and move those operations to its Lebanon, Pa. facility.

"We anticipate the consolidation of manufacturing capabilities will benefit our cost structure as we reduce costs associated with having two facilities particularly in light of current difficult economic conditions,” stated Guy Quigley, chairman, president and CEO of Quigley.

The Elizabethtown facility primarily produced hard candy products whose profitability in recent times has been adversely affected by increased raw material costs and low-cost foreign sourced products, the company stated. The Quigley Corporation plans to

conclude the closure of the Elizabethtown facility in the coming months with the fulfillment of customer orders, followed by the disposal of location assets.  

The Quigley Corporation’s manufacturing facility in Lebanon will continue to produce  and ship its COLD-EEZE cold remedy products, as well as the KIDS-EEZE soft chew chest relief OTC expectorant, and  Organix Cough and Sore Throat Drops.

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