Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics goes non-GMO, organic

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Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics goes non-GMO, organic

By Michael Johnsen - 05/09/2018
The Clorox Company on Tuesday announced the launch of a product line of non-GMO probiotics and organic prebiotics to support digestive and immune health under its Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotics banner.

"Prebiotic and probiotic foods can definitely work together deliciously but because the probiotic bacteria and prebiotic fiber content of foods can be so variable, it can be tough to get enough of these foods consistently each day," Ellie Krieger, Renew Life Probiotics spokesperson and host of "Ellie's Real Good Food" show, said. "Along with eating probiotic foods, I recommend taking a daily probiotic supplement like Renew Life, which not only has billions of active cultures with multiple strains, but the new line also contains organic prebiotic fiber - a first for this supplement. Now you can get the benefits of the one-two punch with this new formula."

The new Renew Life line of organic products incorporates a certified organic XOS source that is gentle and well tolerated, the Oakland, Calif.-based company reported.

Available in Daily Balance, Women's Balance, and Kids Daily Complete, in addition to Return to Regular, Settle & Restore and Strong & Ready varieties, each new targeted formula provides 10 probiotic strains to support the gut's natural diversity, 20 billion live cultures per serving and a plant-based, certified organic XOS prebiotic to help stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.