SKYN Condoms launches global 'Save Intimacy' campaign

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SKYN Condoms launches global 'Save Intimacy' campaign

By Antoinette Alexander - 06/20/2018
SKYN Condoms announced on Wednesday the launch of a new campaign with one resounding purpose — to “Save Intimacy.”

The campaign is designed as an imaginative way to reinforce the innovations of SKYNFEEL technology, SKYN’s ultra-soft and thin non-latex polyisoprene condom material.

The campaign, created with Sid Lee Paris, rolls out with a brand film that transports viewers to an imagined, yet not so distant future — a future in which a universal dependence threatens fundamental human connection. In this ultra-connected world where technology has taken over human interactions, humanity has allowed smartphones, VR and technological innovations get the better of their sexuality.

“When Netflix launched, for example, sexual relations dropped 10 percent,” explained Mehdi Benali, managing director at Sid Lee Paris. “Today, it’s easier to look at strangers’ everyday lives on Instagram than it is to meet someone in person.”

“With ‘Save Intimacy,’ our aim was to strengthen SKYN’s brand message by putting sexuality at the heart of both the social and sensual discussion,” added Marta Toth, head of strategic planning – global marketing at LifeStyles Healthcare. “We needed to shift away from functional speech to speak to a target that does not want to, and should not have to choose between safe sex and great sex.”

Launching globally across digital and social platforms, the “Save Intimacy” campaign will activate in the United States, Canada, Brazil, France, Poland, Italy, U.K. and Australia.

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