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Study finds that glycerin may help reduce bruising, skin discoloration


MANDEVILLE, La. Dr. Holmquist Healthcare on Friday announced results from a study demonstrating that glycerin helps to reduce bruising and skin discoloration.

In a double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical study of a glycerin-based bruise-reaction product, 65% of the patients who experienced bruising after filler injection procedures saw a reduction in the severity and duration of bruising with a single post-procedural application of Bruise Relief serum versus a placebo.


“Glycerin, as an active ingredient in Bruise Relief, helps with the rejuvenation process of the skin," stated Mary Lupo, Dr. Holmquist spokeswoman. “Post-procedural Botox and leg vein injections … may also benefit from this single post-procedural application.”

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