PerceptiMed rebrands to become InterLink AI

InterLink AI describes the connection between the company's technology, services and devices, and the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics in pharmacies.
Sandra Levy
Senior Editor
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Pharmaceutical solutions company PerceptiMed is rebranding. The Mountain View, Calif.-based maker of pharmacy technology solutions will now be known as InterLink AI, effective immediately.

“The new name accurately reflects our vision and strategy," said InterLink AI president Bob Curry. "It also describes the connection between our technology, services and devices and the opportunity to leverage artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics in the pharmacy community."

PerceptiMed was founded to virtually eliminate errors in medication dispensing in retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities and hospitals. The rise of artificial intelligence and data within the healthcare industry solidified the company's strategy to deliver more than hardware to pharmacies.

InterLink AI uses proprietary technology to provide an error-free, fraud-free and highly compliant solution for pharmacies that increases operational efficiency, improves patient satisfaction and enables pharmacists to spend more time with patients delivering clinical services, the company said.

InterLink AI’s identRx system provides vision technology capable of uniquely identifying pill features. veriFill enables remote prescription verification and can extend a pharmacist’s reach across multiple locations. The identRx and veriFill suite of automated medication verification and dispensing products leverage that technology to provide 100% verification of every single pill dispensed, according to the company.

InterLink AI’s unique scripClip bag clips work seamlessly with any pharmacy setup to identify each bag, so that patients can rest assured that they receive the medication and correct dosage prescribed to them.