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Apothecary Shops distributes GlowCap in pilot program


PHOENIX — Specialty pharmacy provider The Apothecary Shops is encouraging medication adherence with a cap for pill containers that cues patients with lights and sounds, the company said.

Apothecary Shop Wholesale is distributing GlowCap, a wireless prescription bottle cap, under a partnership with manufacturer Vitality and drug maker Novartis. The cap allows patients to plug the light in and begin receiving reminders the next day. The collaboration is part of a pilot program designed for patients using Novartis' leukemia drug Tasigna (nilotinib) and malignant stromal tumor drug Gleevec (imatinib).

"Keeping patients on their medications is a significant problem in our country," Apothecary Shops VP clinical affairs Eric Sredzinski said. "At The Apothecary Shops, we are committed to finding and using the most effective means possible to keep our patients on their medications. That strategy underscores everything we do."

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