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CutisPharma adds new mouthwash compounding kit to line


WOBURN, Mass. A company that develops kits for compounding pharmacies has launched the latest addition to its product line.

CutisPharma announced Tuesday the introduction of its First – BXN Mouthwash compounding kit. The kits, each made for one patient, contain pre-weighed diphenhydramine hydrochloride, lidocaine hydrochloride, nystatin powder and a pre-measured suspension, designed to produce a product comparable to “magic mouthwash,” a general term for mouthwashes used to remove sores from the mouth. To prepare the mouthwash, the pharmacist adds the powders to the liquid suspension, shakes them and then dispenses them.

“By launching First – BXN, physicians now have two of the more commonly prescribed magic mouthwash prescriptions available in a kit,” CutisPharma chairman and CEO Indu Muni said in a statement.

The introduction of First – BXN brings CutisPharma’s total number of compounding kits on the market to 10, including five progesterone suppository compounding kits, two testosterone kits, one hydrocortisone kit and two magic mouthwash kits.

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