Diplomat Pharmacy to ship certain medications in ClimaCell coolers

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Diplomat Pharmacy to ship certain medications in ClimaCell coolers

By Sandra Levy - 11/27/2018
Diplomat Pharmacy is switching from expanded polystyrene, or EPS foam, coolers to TemperPack's ClimaCell coolers for delivery of temperature-sensitive medications.

ClimaCell coolers are fully recyclable at curbside and insulated with renewable materials that can be recycled wherever plastic bags are accepted.

Diplomat's efforts will help divert more than five tons of plastic from landfills every week by moving away from EPS foam, according to TemperPack. ClimaCell coolers require 94% less energy to manufacture, meaning reduced carbon emissions, according to the company.

"Switching to ClimaCell not only reduces Diplomat's carbon footprint; it's also a reflection of our steadfast commitment to patients," Diplomat chairman and CEO Brian Griffin said. "It's difficult to dispose of EPS foam responsibly, and our patients have already expressed their excitement about reducing the amount of plastic heading to landfills. This new packaging allows us to be better stewards of t environment while keeping specialty medications at a stable temperature."

ClimaCell coolers meet International Safe Transit Association standards, meaning they will keep medication at a safe temperature even in extreme weather conditions.

"Our healthcare system relies on petroleum-based plastics, especially EPS foam. Patients don't think this is sustainable, and neither do we. ClimaCell is the first in a series of high-tech, plant-based technologies that will empower companies like Diplomat to continue improving human health without compromising environmental health. We are honored and excited to support such an innovative company," TemperPack cofounder James McGoff said.

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