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Eli Lilly, NCLR offer Hispanics guide to fighting chronic diseases


SAN DIEGO Eli Lilly is giving out a free 148-page pocket-sized health book to help Latinos fight chronic diseases. The book, Buena Salud, Buena Vida—Su Guia de Recursos de Salud is the result of a partnership between the company and the National Council of La Raza. NCLR is the largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organizations in the United States.

Buena Salud, Buena Vida—Su Guia de Recursos de Salud is aimed at overcoming some of the health obstacles Hispanic Americans face by providing useful information and resources in Spanish. The 148-page book includes an extensive listing of specific resources in each state where people can access useful programs and agencies in their area. Several of the resources are specific to the Hispanic community.

Inside the health resource book, readers will find information on each one of these key measures and more. Chapters include: Exercise and Nutrition; Children’s Health; Women’s Health; Men’s Health; Older Adults; Mental Health; Diabetes; Living Heart Healthy; Cancer Screening; Substance Abuse/Tobacco Cessation; Veterans Health; and Patient Assistance Programs.

“For the past 130 years, it has been Lilly’s mission to provide ‘Answers that Matter’,” said Jack Bailey, a vice president at Lilly. “Whether these answers are in the form of drugs that treat some of the world’s most urgent medical needs, disease management programs that improve patient care, or the general health care information found in our book, our goal is to help people live better lives,” Bailey said.

According to NCLR, while chronic diseases impact all races, Hispanics are more likely to suffer from chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes when compared to non-Hispanic whites. They are also less likely to receive regular, continuous care to combat their serious health conditions

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