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Hospira recalls lot of injectable drug due to possible mislabeling


ROCKVILLE, Md. Drug maker Hospira has notified healthcare professionals of the recall of one lot of an injected drug, according to an announcement by the Food and Drug Administration.

The Lake Forest, Ill.-based drug maker recalled lot number 65-620-FW of 20-milliequivalent potassium chloride in 5 percent dextrose and 0.45 percent sodium chloride injection, USP in 1,000-milliliter flexible plastic containers. The lot has an expiration date of May 1, 2010 and the NDC number 0409-7902-09. It said a small number of the containers may be incorrectly labeled with a bar code for 5 percent dextrose injection, USP.

The incorrect bar code could lead to a medication error resulting in the delivery of the wrong drug if a bar code is used to confirm the medication.

Potential adverse side effects include electrolyte imbalance, cardiac dysfunction, gastrointestinal problems, paresthesia and mental confusion.

Hospira shipped the lot to customers in the United States between July and September.

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