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Innovation, TeleManager to integrate for improved refill processing


JOHNSON CITY, N.Y. Innovation and TeleManager Technologies announced today that they would integrate Innovation’s PharmASSIST Symphony workflow management system and TeleManager’s Refill TeleManager. The goal of the integration is to provide customers with a better way to handle their prescription refill processing and overall workflow.

According to the companies, the highlights of the PharmASSIST Symphony/Refill TeleManager integration include:

  • Patient Access to Rx Status. Patients can call the pharmacy’s Interactive Voice Response system and receive detailed status on the processing of their Rxs.
  • Increased Visibility. Pharmacies can instantly determine the exact status and physical location of all Rxs, identify who performed each workflow task, and see the date/time stamp of when each task was performed.
  • On-screen Interface. The system has a state-of-the-art, on-screen user interface from which pharmacy staff can perform all refill management-related tasks.
  • Automated Prescription Triage. The system instantly evaluates all refill Rxs as received and either routes them for filling or identifies them as Rxs that require doctor’s authorization or pharmacist intervention.
  • Outbound Fax-to-Doctor. The system automatically faxes an authorization request to a physician’s office when a refill Rx requires a doctor’s authorization for additional refills.
  • Outbound Patient Calling. Based on a patient’s request to opt-in or opt-out, the system can automatically generate outbound calls to remind them to pick up their Rxs from will call.

“More and more pharmacies are experiencing the true productivity, customer service, and revenue generation related benefits of IVR systems, especially when integrated with their workflow packages,” said Paul Kobylevsky, chief operating officer of TeleManager Technologies. “The combination of Refill TeleManager and Symphony provides pharmacies with a dynamic, easy to use application that optimizes every aspect of their refill processing and streamlines their overall workflow.”

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