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Kerr Drug encourages patients to talk to their pharmacists


RALEIGH, N.C. — Kerr Drug is launching a new campaign to get people to talk to their pharmacists, the chain announced.

Kerr said it would launch the "Just Ask" marketing campaign in stores and across various marketing channels to encourage its pharmacists and patients to talk to each other about prescriptions, conditions, health practices and overall health.

"I know from working as a pharmacist that there are many reasons people don't ask about their medicines, including confusion, embarrassment or the patient just not wanting to bother the pharmacist," Kerr CEO Tony Civello said. "The 'Just Ask' campaign will encourage conversations and a sharing of information because it's the best way to avoid poor health outcomes."

Kerr noted that surveys have shown 3-in-4 people don't always take their medicines as directed, which can lead to serious health consequences, higher medical costs and longer recovery times. Kerr's campaign will focus on 11 conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and specific questions a patient might have, such as a medication's name and what it does; when and how to take it; how patients can save money with generics or other changes; side effects; interactions between medications and other medications, foods and alcohol; what happens when a dose is missed; and how long a patient has to take a medicine.

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