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Matrixx launches cold and flu mobile application


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Matrixx Initiatives on Tuesday launched the Zicam Cold & Flu Companion mobile application for the T-Mobile G1. The application enables on-the-go consumers to take charge of their health by checking cold and flu activity by zip code, among other features, the company stated.

"The Cold & Flu Companion offers an innovative and customizable resource for consumers to prepare for the cold and flu season," stated Tim Connors, vice president of marketing at Matrixx Initiatives. "Knowing the latest cold and flu news and understanding the cold, flu and cough activity in a localized area can aid consumers in being aware of the risks around them."

The service shows users the percentage of sick people in any given zip code, what types of symptoms are most prevalent and which ones to look out for in a specific area. The application also keeps users updated on the latest cold and flu news.

The application also provides a tool to receive coupons for Zicam products and location-based directions identify nearby retailers where products can be purchased and coupons redeemed.

The same mobile application will be released for the iPhone in mid-December.

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