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Medseek, Greenfield Health partner with Microsoft's HealthVault


BIRMINGHAM, Ala., and PORTLAND, Ore. Medseek is partnering with Microsoft’s HealthVault, a service that allows users to safely store personal health information and share it with health-care providers.

Medseek will allow patients to share information with caregivers through client hospitals’ patient portals. Medseek provides eHealth solutions to 600 hospitals across the country.

GreenField Health, a medical consulting group and clinic based in Portland, also will become a partner of Microsoft HealthVault using Kryptiq’s Connect IQ Patient Portal and Secure Messaging software, Kryptiq announced Tuesday.

With the service, HealthVault users will be able to save secure messages and health-care information to their HealthVault accounts. They will also be able to view clinical information and send it directly to physicians via secure messaing. Starting next month, Kryptiq’s 1,200 physician practice customers will also be able to connect to HealthVault with the Connect IQ software.

Based in Hillsboro, Ore., Kryptiq provides health-care connectivity solutions to companies such as GE Healthcare, Microsoft, BlueCross and BlueShield of Minnesota and others.

HealthVault is a Microsoft service for managing health information launched last year. Its main competitor is Google Health, which Google launched earlier this year.

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