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Merck study shows Januvia/metformin combo reduces blood sugar leves


SAN FRANCISCO Merck presented data at the American Diabetes Association Annual Scientific Sessions showing that its type 2 diabetes Januvia combined with metformin can substantially improve beta cell function and also significantly reduce blood sugar levels at one and two years.

Results from one portion of the study showed that the mean A1C reductions were 1.8 percent at one year and 1.7 percent at two years in patients treated with Januvia 50 mg/metformin 1000 mg twice daily. Those results were then compared to patients treated with Januvia 100 mg alone once daily. The results from that study showed that there was a 0.8 percent reduction in A1C levels from baseline at one year and a 1.2 percent reduction from baseline at two years.

“We wanted to evaluate the combined and complementary effects of Januvia and metformin on the critical role of beta cell function in type 2 diabetes as well as to assess efficacy out two years” said John Amatruda, senior vice president of clinical research on diabetes and obesity at Merck. “The improvements in markers of beta cell function we saw in this study may contribute to the significant lowering of blood sugar levels that was observed during two years of therapy with the initial combination of Januvia and metformin.”

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