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NCPA announces pair of events to enhance independent pharmacy operations


ALEXANDRIA, Va. — The National Community Pharmacists Association on Monday announced a pair of events coming up in 2012.

Registration is currently open for the 2012 National Community Pharmacists Association’s ownership events. In 2012, the Pharmacy Ownership Workshops are sponsored by McKesson and in part by Pharmacists Mutual. The Pharmacy Ownership Workshops will be held Feb. 24 to 26 in Dallas; May 18 to 20 in San Francisco; and Aug. 24 to 26 in Arlington, Va.

The Pharmacy Ownership Workshops offers 19.25 hours of continuing education credits for pharmacists seeking to purchase an existing store or open up a new one, or for existing owners to polish up important management skills. An attraction for attendees will be one-on-one consultations with NCPA's new senior director of store operations and marketing Gabe Trahan, who is an expert in layout modification, merchandising, curb appeal, pricing strategies and advertising as part of the new member benefit, Front-End Overhaul...More Traffic, More Profits!

Introduced in 2010 in response to owner feedback, NCPA's Jumpstart Your Pharmacy Business: A Seminar for Owners is designed for current independent pharmacy owners looking to advance their business. Attendees will learn how to better analyze their finances, gain access to important tax and accounting information, understand the benefits of investing in technology, utilize merchandising tools, better handle third-party audits, enhance their marketing prowess and develop new niche services strategies. The 2012 date for the Jumpstart Seminar is July 14 to 15 in Alexandria, Va.

“While getting your business up and running is a challenge many independent community pharmacy owners overcome, the frustration of taking their business to the next level is considerable,” stated Lonny Wilson, NCPA president. “Both of these programs provide the tools to help pharmacy owners get started and tighten up operations, improve profitability and capitalize on new opportunities.”

Both of these workshops are part of the multifaceted, comprehensive NCPA Ownership Academy, which helps pharmacists navigate every step of the entrepreneurial process from buying to selling a pharmacy, as part of the association’s focus on increasing the number of independent community pharmacy owners throughout the country, the association stated.

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