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RILA comments on Finance Committee's health reform proposal


ARLINGTON, Va. In a letter sent to Senate Finance Committee leaders, the Retail Industry Leaders Association referred positively to the America’s Health Future Act, but expressed serious concerns with elements of the proposal, and suggested meaningful changes aimed at improving compliance.

The letter, signed by RILA SVP government affairs John Emling, appaluds the committee's pursuit of health care reform aimed at curbing our nation’s ever-escalating health care costs, shifting the delivery system toward wellness, and increasing access to care for the uninsured; goals shared by RILA and its members.

Meanwhile, the letter suggests meaningful changes to the proposal’s “Free Rider” provision, which obligates employers to pay a portion of the costs associated with a qualifying employee’s participation in the health insurance exchange included in the proposal. Specifically, RILA asks the committee for changes to sections that address vesting periods for new employees, the definition of full-time employees, and refocus employer standard on level of care.

“While RILA agrees that the ‘free rider’ alternative is preferable to a pay-or-play mandate, we nonetheless write to express concerns over the language included in the Chairman’s Mark, and to respectfully offer revisions meant to enhance compliance,” said Emling.

Click here to read the entire letter.

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