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Survey finds Americans do not think nation can afford proposed healthcare legislation


COLUMBUS, Ohio More than half of Americans think that the United States cannot afford the proposed trillion dollar-plus healthcare legislation, according to a recent American Pulse survey.

The July American Pulse survey, which is collected online by BIGresearch each month utilizing Survey Sampling International’s U.S. panel of more than 4,000 participates, found that 56% of American’s believe that the United States can’t afford the proposed healthcare legislation. Thirty-seven percent of Democrats, 83.2% of Republicans and 55.5% of Independents agree.

In addition, 49.1% of participants believe that Congress is rushing the legislation, while 27.7% said members are not and 23.2% said they aren’t sure. More than one-third said the U.S. should not be involved in healthcare at all.

When it comes to whether those who make more than $350,000 should pay higher taxes to cover the cost of U.S. healthcare reform, participants tend to think they should. More than half said higher taxes should be imposed the “wealthy.” On the other hand, 29.6% said they shouldn?t have to pay more.

Ultimately, 41.1% believe that if the reform becomes the law that U.S. healthcare will be worse than it is currently.

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