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Vistakon launches Acuvue Direct program


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. People who wear a brand of contact lenses will have a new way to buy annual supplies of them.

Vistakon, part of Johnson & Johnson’s eye-care division, has launched the Acuvue Direct program for wearers of Acuvue lenses, allowing them to receive four three-month supplies of the lenses and spread the cost over the year instead of paying for a full year’s supply upfront. The program is based on research indicating that for many patients, the up-front cost of buying an annual supply of contact lenses is more than they can afford.

“Too often, contact lens wearers wear their lenses longer than they should simply because they forget to order more when they begin to run low,” Vistakon director of medical affairs Sheila Hickson-Curran stated. “Getting that automatic shipment in the mail is a good visual reminder that encourages better compliance.”

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