Pringles channels deep-fried pickle flavor

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Curbing a deep-fried pickle craving is now as easy as reaching for a pack of Pringles.

Yes, that’s right. The chip brand announced that its latest limited-edition flavor is none other than deep-fried pickles.

The new Pringles Wavy Deep Fried Pickle features the tanginess of dill pickles, as well as a thick, wavy texture.

“The Pringles brand prides itself in delivering insanely accurate flavor combinations that are both familiar and delicious,” said Gareth Maguire, senior director of marketing at Pringles. “With the debut of Pringles Wavy Deep Fried Pickle, fans can experience their favorite, iconic fried appetizer flavor in an entirely new, easy to snack form. Paired with other Pringles staples, these snackable, stackable crunchy crisps are an absolute must try.”

Consumers can find Pringles Wavy Deep Fried Pickle potato chips at Dollar General stores nationwide while supplies last.