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The Purpose Driven Growth Summit



The game has changed — shifting consumer expectations, and evolving needs -  have forced retailers and suppliers to re-assess how they connect heart and soul with their community and associates. We have entered a world where purpose, values, and brand soul rule the day. On November 11th from 12-1:15 EST Mack Elevation & Drug Store News are producing THE PURPOSE-DRIVEN GROWTH SUMMIT featuring top leaders from Walmart’s, CVS Health, Wahl, Bausch & Lomb, Simply Good Foods, ET Browne, Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Nordic Naturals, Traditional Medicinals, and The Emerson Group.

Dan Mack, founder and Managing Director of Mack Elevation recently shared, “The vision for the webinar is to inspire the industry to engage at a higher level and to think through how we all optimize business growth through culture, story, and purpose. The rules have changed and this is an opportunity to hear from some of the brightest companies and minds on how they are strengthening their culture, brand story, and purpose moving into the future.”

Companies with an authentic voice can have a real impact. Today’s strongest growth companies recognize it is about conveying your humanity to the consumer and your associates. Consumers will invest in brands and companies with like-minded interests and values. Our whole retail community must develop a mindset and culture that keep us ahead of the changing curve.

Are you birthing an adaptive, resilient, thoughtful team that will create a culture based on the practices and values of today’s winning brands?  And do truly understand the mindset of today’s most disruptive, purpose-driven organizations?  I hope you join our discussion.

Sign up for our November 11th, 12-1:15 EST, program here.



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