Health Mart boosts flu shot offering with PrescribeWellness

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Health Mart boosts flu shot offering with PrescribeWellness

By Michael Johnsen - 04/25/2018
PrescribeWellness inked a five-year partnership with McKesson that will provide mutual members with expanded access to VaccineComplete and Collaborative Practice Agreements. The expanded scope of the program will offer Health Mart franchise pharmacies broadened revenue streams and opportunities to better serve patients through enhanced clinical services, particularly the administration of vaccines.

“Millions of Americans are not properly immunized each year, but the combined scale of PrescribeWellness and Health Mart pharmacies has the ability to change that,” Al Babbington, CEO of Irvine, Calif.-based PrescribeWellness, said. “Once limited to filling prescriptions and dispensing drugs, pharmacists are increasingly providing direct care to patients. Armed with the tools they need to go ‘beyond the fill’ to deliver vaccines and other important clinical services, pharmacists make a real difference in the health and well-being of their communities.”

“After performing a competitive analysis and speaking with our members, it became clear they were looking for a defined process and vaccine program support that would allow them to engage with the community and grow their revenue stream,” Lisa Petersen, McKesson retail vaccine program manager, said. “Our partnership with PrescribeWellness provides comprehensive back-end support so our customers can spend more time focused on patient outcomes.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that during the 2016-2017 flu season, the flu shot prevented more than 5 million illnesses, 2 million medical visits and 84,700 hospitalizations, underscoring the benefits and improvements needed in the current vaccination program.

Meanwhile, according to a recent PrescribeWellness survey, 55% of Americans prefer to be immunized at their local pharmacies instead of at the doctor’s office, including 28% of parents, who enjoy the convenience of getting the whole family immunized at once. But most pharmacies miss more than 70% of immunization opportunities.

PrescribeWellness offers a solution for these missed opportunities. With VaccineComplete, pharmacists can see that a patient is due for vaccination so that immunization can be offered during a pick-up visit or proactively invite eligible patients to be immunized with a pre-recorded message. A pharmacy can follow a reliable, state-compliant process to screen and educate patients as well as administer, store and dispose of vaccines.

“Using VaccineComplete, pharmacies can launch and maintain a year-round vaccination offering, which will result in more revenue for the pharmacy and enable them to become a healthcare destination for a wider patient base,” Babbington added.